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Autonomy and flexibility in the spotlight

The dream job: financial advisory

New Work: A new way of living and working

The world of work is changing. Many employees now look for jobs that suit their lives, rather than the other way around. As a result, growing numbers of people are looking for greater flexibility and a good work-life balance. 

As independent contractors, our financial advisors are free to shape their working days however they choose – and forge their careers autonomously. This is perfect for parents too, who want the best of both worlds: a family and a fulfilling career!

Working as equals: organisation and prospects

Conditions in the financial sector are becoming increasingly challenging, leading to growing numbers of specialists from the banking sector finding a new professional home at Deutsche Vermögensberatung. They come to us because they want to stay in the sector, but bank-based work often lacks the organisational freedom and corresponding career prospects. At Deutsche Vermögensberatung, they can work as equals: instead of rigid requirements, we focus on individuality and a holistic approach.

The job of the future: outstanding, digital, personal

There is another reason so many people are choosing to start their careers as financial advisors: they want a job that feels meaningful. Private financial protection and pension provision are becoming increasingly important, and the need for competent, bespoke financial advice is growing. People are seeking out financial coaches who can help with all their financial and insurance questions. Financial advisors are often the first port of call for their clients. Regardless of how much digital tools enrich financial advisors' day-to-day work, there is one thing they can't replace: the personal, trusting contact between a financial advisor and their client.

Corporate culture: team spirit and community

Transparent promotion opportunities, comprehensive training programs and mutual appreciation: a positive corporate culture makes the difference for many employees and has a decisive impact on success. As a family-owned company, Deutsche Vermögensberatung sets great store by these factors. Everyone is included here, even though they work independently. At professional events, for instance, there is always plenty of room for discussion. Our corporate culture is shaped by communication and a community-minded team spirit: if you have a question, your colleagues will be able to offer valuable assistance.

Bringing diversity and transparency to life

Equal opportunities for all: this has always been one of Deutsche Vermögensberatung's core values. Regardless of a person's background, age or gender, this family-owned company puts people and their achievements centre-stage. There's no place here for rigid salary tables and unfair wage negotiations. Our transparent careers system is also designed in the same way: if you do well, you're rewarded for it. Over the last three years, almost 100 financial advisors have reached the highest stage in their career – an impressive accomplishment. Diversity is a key factor for success: after all, a diverse client base needs diverse advisors.

Raising the bar in training and professional development

Solid training and professional development is the only way to provide clients with comprehensive, high-quality financial advice. A professional specialist foundation is a key factor in the success of this family-owned company. Deutsche Vermögensberatung is clearly raising the bar in the sector in this respect, and invests more than EUR 80 million in training and professional development each year. Deutsche Vermögensberatung has worked with the renowned Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW) university since 2008. 

Alongside completing a degree, people can start working as a financial advisor by training under the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and by completing in-depth, internal specialist training. Key qualifications in the financial sector, such as those to become a real estate loan broker, or the certification to give financial advice under Section 34f of the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO), can be converted by means of individual, high-level professional development courses.

Performance pays off: Recognising and valuing success

The many success stories our financial advisors experience are also thanks to our special careers system. This is based on appreciation and recognition and is greatly impacted by the dialogue between successful colleagues, superiors and management. The company's own vocational education centres and training facilities in Germany, Austria and Portugal offer the locations and space for this dialogue. They are indispensable for personal communication, as well as training and professional development. That is why we make ongoing investments in these facilities and their modern technology.

Top service: strong support and backing

Whether you are a new-joiner, career-changer or sector expert: entrepreneurial freedom is an appealing part of working independently. That said, people often have lots of questions, too. Anyone who joins Deutsche Vermögensberatung will enjoy a combination of independence and strong support. From IT support and an extensive range of professional development courses, to clarification on regulatory issues, financial advisors enjoy comprehensive support from the service company. This is a major plus for new-joiners, who benefit from the service and guidance: there's no need for them to set out on their journey to success on their own. 

Experienced colleagues also value the support, with close-knit dialogue enabling them to make their ideas a reality and concentrate on their core skills. This gives financial advisors the best of both worlds: they can enjoy the perks of independence as well as comprehensive back-office support.

"Testing out" independence: individual journeys for career-changers and sector experts

Nowadays, it's rare for people to spend their whole life working for the same employer. Opportunities and career paths are more diverse than ever. Even starting a brand new career is nothing out of the ordinary in today's world of work. As a result, Deutsche Vermögensberatung is home to plenty of career-changers, alongside industry experts. 

Its unique system of training and professional development is a great way for people to make a fresh start as a financial advisor. Thanks to this support, every new joiner gets the tools they need to succeed as a financial advisor. Plus, it's easy for people to start the job part-time, so they can try out the profession with zero risk before deciding to take the plunge for good.

Markenbotschafter der DVAG (v.l.n.r.): Joey Kelly, Fabian Hambüchen, Nicolai Friedrich, Jürgen Klopp, Britta Heidemann, Horst Lichter, Mick Schumacher

Motivated by experts: the best coaches by your side

Our financial advisers also support their customers in managing their financial matters as financial coaches too. They provide guidance that allows every customer to make the right financial decisions for them personally.

Just like Jürgen Klopp, a football coach, has found his dream job, many financial advisers feel that coaching their clients is a real calling. As coaches, they get essential inspiration and support from the prominent Deutschen Vermögensberatung Coaching Team.

The brand ambassadors share their expertise and experience, and show how good coaching really leads to success.

Whether in sports or in the financial sector, everyone needs a coach to challenge and encourage them. This is illustrated by the TV advertising campaign featuring Jürgen Klopp – it shows why a career in finance really is a dream job.