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Success through team spirit

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Success through team spirit: Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) focuses on team spirit and personal development

The success of the Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) family-owned company is a real team effort. An important feature of our ongoing positive development is to constantly set ourselves new personal goals and achieve them. Looking at inspiring success stories, highlights and defeats is an important part of personal development. 

Nathalie Pohl, extreme swimmer and founding member of "Menschen brauchen Menschen e. V."

Highs and lows are also part of Nathalie Pohl's career. She is one of Germany's most successful extreme swimmers and holds two world records. She is also well on her way to becoming the first female German to win Ocean's Seven.

The open water swimmer is at home in the sea and, as a founding member of "Menschen brauchen Menschen e. V.", is committed to promoting swimming for children and young people. An interview with Nathalie Pohl reveals how she overcomes her challenges in extreme sports. 

A lot of people find it hard to understand why you choose to undertake such extreme challenges. What drives you?

I'm on my own in the sea, which is a challenge, especially mentally. But even if it doesn't look like it, extreme swimming is a team sport. None of this would be possible without the backing of my team in the support boat. My team is not just there during the swim, they are also there for me if I am unsuccessful.

What happens then? How do you deal with it, if you suffer a setback?

Mental strength is crucial to whether you win a competition or whether you lose. It is precisely these extreme situations, in my case swimming for hours in high waves or a third attempt on the same course, that make a person grow. Of course, you're disappointed at first when you don't make it. But after a few days, I try to analyse the whole thing – why did that happen? I come up with a new plan with my team, always keeping the goal in mind. And then I tackle the whole thing, just get back in the water and train even harder to achieve my goal. And I always try to stay calm and wait patiently for my chance, although of course that's not easy sometimes. 

Have you never thought of quitting?

No! Success begins in the mind. With the right attitude, you also learn to accept setbacks and continue to develop as a result. If I had given up straight away after my first defeat in the English Channel, I would never have been able to celebrate the successes that followed. And I would probably have always blamed myself for not trying again. If you are passionate about your goal, you should never give up, but always think positively and keep working on yourself with discipline and motivation. 

In sport or in financial advice: it's all about motivation 

A successful career always thrives on exchange and inspiration from others. This gives rise to new creative inspiration and ideas. And this means you can sometimes approach things from a different angle or change them.

Coaching and being coached: the brand ambassadors of Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG)

The experience gained from competitive sport is particularly valuable for financial advisors. It's about motivation, living your dreams and celebrating victories, but also dealing with setbacks. Sometimes these are even helpful in taking your career to the next level afterwards. The important thing is to keep getting back up and working on yourself. 

New members of the DVAG Dreamteam: Sebastian Steudtner, Sophia Flörsch, Juri Knorr and Wojtek Czyz.

For even more input and development, Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) further expanded its sponsorship commitment in 2023 and will be working with four more athletes from December 2023.

In addition to the existing close partnership with experienced athletes and coaches, the family-owned company is taking this step with a further focus: all of the new partners are still in the middle of their active careers and are passionately pursuing their lifelong dreams. The new DVAG Dreamteam is made up of Sophia Flörsch, Sebastian Steudtner, Juri Knorr, Wojtek Czyz and Mick Schumacher. They not only achieve top sporting performances, but also have the ability to overcome boundaries and break new ground. As part of the joint project, Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) is supporting them in achieving their dreams, standing by their sides as a close partner. 

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