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Autonomy and flexibility in the spotlight

The dream job: financial advisory

Financial expertise, strategic thinking and strong client focus. At Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG), you get the support and team spirit that are essential for business success.

Financial advice on an equal footing

Helping other people and offering customised solutions for all concerns. This is made possible by the company's award-winning holistic financial advisory approach business model.

Financial advisors can be creative in their profession, and develop customised, individual plans for their clients' every situation and goal, without being bound by sales guidelines. The focus in the client relationship is always on holistic and long-term financial advice that takes place on an equal footing. 

I support my clients in all areas of life, from birth, education, career changes, marriage, financial investments and the realisation of their property aspirations, etc. These life circumstances have individual influences on financial circumstances. I am particularly keen to make women aware of their current pension situation and develop a plan to protect them from poverty in old age.
Melanie Sigl  - Formerly a Bank Clerk, Financial Advisor since 2018

Freedom and flexibility: the advantages of self-employment

Who wouldn't want a career that is fulfilling and takes place in a varied and inspiring working environment? After all, almost everyone spends a significant part of their day at work. This makes it all the more important that your job fulfils your own ideas and goals. This is another reason why more and more people are opting for a career as a financial advisor. Self-employment allows the flexibility and freedom advisors want. If you are your own boss, you decide when and how much you work. It's the perfect set-up for parents too. 

Women and financial coaching are the ideal match for me. I ended up here by making career change after the army and after working in retail and haven't regretted it once. I would like to encourage women in particular to get to know the profession of being a financial advisor better. In my opinion, what is on offer here fits in perfectly with what most women want and are aiming for.
Christina Schubert  - Former member of the German Armed Forces, Financial Advisor since 2019

Successful new work

The world of work is changing. And so is people's relationship to their work. Employees' expectations today are more diverse than ever. This is where the family-owned company offers unique opportunities. 

Diversity and transparency are our guiding principles

Only performance counts: success is based on personal commitment and dedication – regardless of origin, age or gender, the focus is on people and their achievements.

The diversity of our financial advisors is a decisive factor in our success, as it enables us to cater to the diverse needs of our clients in a customised way. Diversity and equal career opportunities for all are an integral part of the corporate culture. Women are often still under-represented in the financial sector, but times are changing. More and more opportunities are opening up for them in the company. Last year, women accounted for over 30% of the increase in financial advisors at DVAG, a positive ratio compared to the rest of the industry.

Transparent career system

Success is also linked to the unique career system, which is based on appreciation and recognition. The ongoing dialogue between colleagues, managers and the company management promotes this success. Within the framework of the career system, outstanding performance is consistently rewarded and financial advisors receive well-deserved appreciation. Successful financial advisors can regularly take part in training events.

This culture of recognition not only creates a motivating working environment, but also strengthens the sense of togetherness within the team. Over the past three years, over 90 financial advisors have reached the highest stage in their career – an impressive accomplishment.

Strong together

Contrary to market trends, DVAG has been seeing sustained and sustainable growth for years. Here, success can only be achieved together. Everyone is included here, even though they work independently. Team spirit and community are important values and everyone is supported accordingly. Numerous specialist events offer the right setting for staff to meet and share ideas. The events create space for experienced financial advisors to pass on their recipes for success and for young professionals to contribute their ideas and take on responsibilities. This creates a supportive community in which professional success goes hand in hand with personal growth.

Excellent training and development for outstanding careers 

Thanks to practice instead of boring theory, first-class qualifications form the ideal basis for advising clients individually and to a high standard. For this reason, the family-owned company invests over 80 million euros annually in training and further education opportunities. This is because specialist training forms the foundation on which to build expertise and deliver customised financial planning.

This is why the company relies on customised, individual training measures in order to obtain important qualifications in the financial sector, such as the property loan broker diploma or financial advice certification in accordance with § 34f. The company's commitment goes far beyond professional expertise. Targeted training and coaching programmes are used to promote professional and personal skills. In this way, we fulfil the requirement for all-round training.



In a dynamic professional field like holistic financial advisory services, the quality of the educational institutions and the effectiveness of the learning environment are extremely important. Knowledge management sets industry-wide benchmarks here.

DVAG has been collaborating successfully with the university FHDW since 2008. As part of the dual Bachelor's degree programme (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science), students receive practical training for complex tasks in financial services provision, supported by experienced financial coaches. The knowledge they acquire is applied directly to client advisory services to ensure the best possible mix of theory and practice.

A part-time Master's programme (Master of Arts) is also offered for young managers. The company's own training facilities in Germany, Austria and Portugal form the mainstay as central communication and training centres. In Germany alone, 11 professional training centres offer state-of-the-art infrastructure for more knowledge and greater exchange. 

Mastering self-employment: support on the path to independence

At Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG), you are more than a financial advisor, you are a self-employed entrepreneur. Appointments with the tax office, authorisations and discussions with authorities are important issues right from the start. That is why DVAG supports every newcomer with its expertise and helps them on the path to self-employment.

With comprehensive IT support, marketing support, customised further training offerings and clear solutions for regulatory issues, there is plenty of room for entrepreneurial growth. Flexibility is one of the great advantages of the profession, so it is all the more important to have strong support for every administrative task. The supportive partnership enables everyone to start their own business with confidence.

I couldn't imagine a life as an employee in my professional career. But this freedom also means responsibility. The be-all and end-all of self-employment is entrepreneurial thinking and action at all times. What makes DVAG so attractive is that you can always play an active role in the company.
Thomas Grüter  - Formerly a Tax Officer, Financial Advisor since 1987

Flexible entry into self-employment

Staff turnover and the "war for talent" are now common terms in the world of work. The opportunities to reinvent yourself professionally are becoming increasingly diverse, and many are taking the step of changing careers more easily and quickly. Whether you are changing career, an industry expert or just starting out, the opportunities at Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) are varied.

It's easy to find out whether a career as a financial advisor is right for you by trying it as a sideline. It is possible to try your hand at entrepreneurship without any obligation or investment.

The customised training and further education system enable you to start quickly. A career as individual as life itself.

In my previous profession service was also a top priority. My goal has always been to help people. At DVAG I am convinced that we can help everyone individually with their financial questions and concerns. I want to serve as a role model for my team. We are needed everywhere!"
Boris Dölle  - Formerly a Restaurant Specialist and Chef, Financial Advisor since 1996