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Taking stock

Setting a course for the future

Andreas Pohl, CEO, on strategic decisions and future-looking questions.

I feel so incredibly proud when I look back over the past year: it shows how dynamic we are as a family-owned company, even in the face of challenging conditions. Our employees all showed an outstanding level of dedication – especially our financial advisors, who offered and are still offering closer support than ever before to their clients on matters relating to financial protection, retirement provision and financial planning. 

The way in which we handled the major challenges of the past few years sets us apart from many other companies in our sector, and is the bedrock of our company's outstanding result for 2022. Following our exceptional year in 2021, we once again exceeded the revenue threshold of EUR 2 billion in 2022 – the second-best result in our company's history.

In this year, in particular, our business model once again demonstrated its unique strength and viability for the future. No other company has seen as much success as we have in personalising the financial advisory approach and aligning it with our clients' needs. As questions on financial matters become ever more complex, this proximity to our clients is increasingly important. Bespoke financial advisory services are irreplaceable.

Our growth is not impacted by short-term profit goals. As a family-owned company, Deutsche Vermögensberatung offers the very best conditions for the daily consulting services of its financial advisors.
- Andreas Pohl -
The motto for our 2022 day for financial advisors was “Shaping the future together”.

As a family-owned company, we are on an excellent footing when it comes to the topics of digitalisation, equality, diversity and sustainability, all of which are shaping our society at present. 

The digital transformation is impacting almost every area of life – and our company is no exception. We are making huge investments in improving our processes. That said, our overarching goal is not to push ahead with digitalisation at any price. Instead, we are aiming to offer the best possible support for the personal financial advice provided by our financial advisors. After all, the pandemic and our success over the last year have once again confirmed that personal financial advice is in high demand. And in that case, we'll continue our programme of investment!

While other companies have only just started trying to integrate the topics of equality and diversity into their corporate culture, we have never drawn any distinctions on that score. Our careers system is absolutely identical for everyone, regardless of their background, whatever their gender, young or old. Here, everyone has the same opportunities: performance is what counts. We are a strong community, composed of more than 50 nationalities, and we support each other. I am proud that we have been able to play a positive role in making the world of work fairer for more than 47 years!

At the Founder’s Summit of the Entrepreneur University, Germany's largest conference for founders and entrepreneurs, we spoke about the opportunities as a financial coach.

Besides this, we have always been aware of the special responsibility we hold towards the generations to come. Because, as a family-owned company, we prioritise long-term success over short-term profits. Because our financial advisors support their clients for their whole lives. And we were certified as a climate-neutral company again in 2022.

Alongside our holistic financial advisory concept, entrepreneurship is one of the key pillars of our business model. The ability to work autonomously, take responsibility and shape your own working hours are becoming increasingly important for young people. Now, many people can imagine working independently. 

We offer the perfect professional home for these people. After all, the job of a financial advisor is a job with a future, a fulfilling job, an opportunity-oriented job. In 2022 alone, 1,500 people opted for a career at the Deutsche Vermögensberatung Group. And in so doing, they also opted for the best conditions on the market: specialist and personal training and professional development that meets the highest standards in the sector and offers the best qualification for their dream job of being a financial advisor. 

Cutting-edge: We are constantly developing our advisory tools.

We do everything we can so that our financial advisors can focus their energies on their clients alone. This extensive support ranges from marketing to IT, right through to providing innovative financial advice tools. We provide our partners with everything they need for financial and entrepreneurial success.

Bolstered by the awareness that our business model is fit for the future, we can look to the years to come with an optimistic eye. No doubt, these years will bring new challenges in terms of regulatory amendments, changing markets and specific sector developments, some of which are impossible to foresee at present. We have the expertise, training capacity and adaptability needed to weather this.

However, in my view, the key factor for success is the incredible team spirit in our professional community and our mutual trust. I firmly believe that our position of strength will enable us to further reinforce our stance as Germany's leading independent financial advisory firm in 2023. After all, it's impossible to think about high-quality, qualified financial advice today without Deutsche Vermögensberatung also coming to mind.

Six questions for Andreas Pohl 

In conversation with the CEO of Deutsche Vermögensberatung about important and special moments in his successful career.

Who encouraged you the most?
My parents, for sure. They always supported me and taught me you can do anything in life if you set your mind to it.

What's particularly important to you for your job?
The opportunity to have an impact: it's important to me that I'm in direct dialogue with our financial advisors and can set a strategic course with an understanding of the practical implications.

What are the factors for entrepreneurial success, in your view?
I don't believe in short-term goals: I always have my eye on the longer term. I want to deploy a strategic course that puts the company on an outstanding footing and develop it on an ongoing basis. That's how we can lead it into a successful future.

Andreas Pohl in conversation with our financial advisors.

Why is engaging with the community at large so important to you?
At our family-owned company, we've always been keen to give something back. This also plays a major role for our financial advisors. We've been involved in the fields of social affairs, culture, science and sport from the outset, in all kinds of ways. In so doing, we want to do our bit for social equality.

What annoys you?
When someone isn't willing to look outside the box. Shifting your perspective and being open to different approaches help you find new solutions.

Your greatest joy?
Professionally, I've been so fortunate to find my dream job. I'm able to have an impact and serve as a visionary for a great company with brilliant people. However, the time I'm able to spend with my friends and family is also particularly important to me.