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Financial advisory: more important than ever before!

Highlights of our financial advice work

We asked our financial advisors: what have been the highlights of your financial advice work? 

The modern age is being shaped by all kinds of new developments. Everything is in flux – and is changing at a quicker rate than ever before. Complexity and the need for information are growing, and decisions are becoming increasingly difficult. For many people, this makes it even harder to choose the right options for them from the huge variety offered by the insurance and financial sector. What should I do about inflation? Which financial investment is right for me? How can I stop myself ending up with a pension gap? There's no one-size-fits-all answer to these questions. Clients need tailored solutions. Competent, personalised financial advice is more important today than ever before!

»A good client relationship is there for the long run. I see myself as someone who's constantly encouraging people to save. I explain to my clients that they need life-long financial protection if they want a worry-free life, and that life-long expenditure calls for life-long income. As a coach, I guide people to attain their individual goals and dreams with simple concepts for success and tailored strategies. When it comes to complex issues, in particular, many people quickly reach their limits with the overload of information available online. That's why my motto is 'people need people'! My passion is providing competent, trustworthy support to people when it comes to their private pension planning and ensuring they can maintain their current standards of living in the future, if not raise them even further. What's more, there's no substitute for a face-to-face conversation, especially when it's needed most.«

Jörn Schuch - Direktionsleiter (Branch Manager) from Oberursel 

»Flexible and individual – these keywords are a fundamental part of financial advisory for me. Often, people are left with unexpected financial bottlenecks that can pose real challenges, ranging from unplanned medical bills for top-quality medical treatment to a change in their living situation, such as losing their job, through to the unexpected need to buy a new washing machine. Nobody is immune to unforeseen expenditure and money worries. That's why I like solving problems: I work with my clients to find the right solutions and levers in their domestic budget to get them out of their bind. And in a way that doesn't impinge on their private retirement provision. As a result, this means taking a long-term view, in my eyes.«

Thomas Hubatscheck - Allfinanz Regionaldirektionsleiter (Regional Branch Manager) from Bocholt


»M y long-term goal is always to enable my clients to enjoy a stress-free retirement. There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all – every client is different and has different ideas and wishes when it comes to financial planning. That said, it makes me incredibly happy when my clients' retirement is on the horizon and they can maintain their standard of living in old age without a care in the world. That is exactly what makes my job special: my client doesn't need to worry if things change, inflation rises or other questions come up. I'll show them other options. And we've created a flexible plan, so the numbers add up for my clients long-term. That's the best gift for me.«

Nadine Henschel - Regionaldirektionsleiterin (Regional Branch Manager) from Plauen

»I've been helping my clients make their personal dreams come true for 35 years. At the outset, I start by getting to know them and understanding them. What's their current situation? Do they have any debts? Where would my client like to be in the next few years? How are they going to save for retirement? We answer these questions together because many people feel overwhelmed if they try to deal with them all on their own. Often, for instance, there's a hodge-podge of contracts that don't align with each other. In this case, it's all about working with the client to optimise their benefits and contracts and create more financial freedom. My clients' children often become clients themselves. That's the perfect endorsement of my work.«

Andreas Basse - Allfinanz Partnerdirektionsleiter (Partner Branch Manager) from Lüdenscheid

»A house fire, ending up with an occupational disability that's not your fault or even the sudden death of a close relative: life has all kinds of unpleasant surprises in store. That's why, alongside far-reaching retirement provision, it's even more important to me that my clients are well-protected. If the worst comes to the worst, they can rely on me as their personal contact and don't need to worry about dealing with all the irritating paperwork. Appropriate, well-thought-out insurance policies and straightforward service provide my clients with plenty of support. The package needs to work as a whole and strike the right balance between financial protection and financial planning.«

Heiko Vogler - Direktionsleiter (Branch Manager) from Groß-Umstadt

Around 8 million satisfied clients attest that it's the personal, long-standing client relationship that makes the difference. More than 18,000 full-time financial advisors are there to assist their clients – whether in person or digitally. But always in their local region. They work with their clients to draw up needs-based holistic financial plans designed to meet their clients' wishes and goals. From financial protection to retirement provision and financial planning: everything goes hand in hand. Every client is given a tailor-made plan for their finances and current situation following a financial advice session with their financial coach.

How  financial coaching works: